4 Basic White T-Shirts For Men

White T-shirt is one of the simple but extremely effective men’s fashion items for men. Dynamic, youthful, full of energy are the outstanding looks when combining white t-shirts with jeans, khaki, or even outrageous jogger pants … The special thing is that white t-shirts are never out of date, always flexible in all styles of mix and match, creating a highlight for the modern, sophisticated man in each of his fashion sense.

  1. Round neck collar
    This is the most basic and classic style, so it is not surprising that men often wear it when they do not know what to wear.

Especially when combined with a vest, you will turn into a stylish, stylish gentleman.

Adding dynamism with sneakers isn’t a bad idea either.

2. Heart collar
With the appearance of the heart-neck detail, the familiar white T-shirt becomes more liberal and youthful.

While the round neck shirt is a bit “serious”, the heart-neck T-shirt combined with the vest will give you a new look: comfortable and friendly.

In a work environment that does not have many dress rules, you can layering with checkered shirts, denim shirts, and complete the set with strong sports shoes.

3.Long sleeves (long shirt)

Long-sleeve t-shirt style is quite suitable for cold days. This is also the perfect item for school days, work, even dating … situations that require serious clothes.

4.The tank top shirt

Sleeveless t-shirt style will bring maximum comfort to the wearer. You can mix with jogger pants, men’s khaki pants … to add a comfortable, easy-to-move part.

White t-shirts are always the basic secret to make your impression right from the first meeting. Please combine cleverly to create your own fashion sense!

Diverse Ways To Combine T-Shirts And Coats That Men Should Know

Coordinating with a T-shirt is something that everyone is so familiar with. But it is during the summer when the weather is quite comfortable for short dresses. How about winter, everyone read through this article to learn about the combination of T-shirts and jackets.

Mostly a jacket combination with a plain t-shirt. Simply because the simpler the t-shirt will be more manly and more stylish.

  1. If you are slim.
    It is often said that it is like being on a string, eating the whole world cannot be fat. You should opt for a white t-shirt with a dark khaki jacket. Why does the white tone help us somewhat fatter.

Also you can also include accessories such as dragonflies, watches and small leather belts.

  1. And here, with the beer belly guys
    The answer for you is the secret is also very simple. This is considered the golden formula. Feel free to combine a white T-shirt, dark blue jeans. Military-style jacket and cowhide low-collared boots. The effect will be quite surprising

The same recipe remains, but just change the outer jacket to a gray shirt. Immediately you have a new outfit that is not too bad. Besides, you should still absolutely choose one of the following ways:

Wearing black jeans and silver chains on the back of the pants. This is an item that has never gone out of style in a man’s fashion dictionary.

More flexible, glossy leather leather jacket and skinny wash jean will confidently give you a stylish look. Leather jacket with black skinny, white T-shirt and sports shoes.

At the same time, the gray and white colors always make the image of men look masculine but extremely elegant. Do not hesitate to buy a gray coat right away. To combine with white elastic to create a new one in everyday style.

During busy times, there is no time to think about how to dress. Then a simple long white T-shirt with skinny and few accessories is enough “quality like Gac fruit”. You don’t even need a jacket, just gray brown skinny, brown leather boots, white shoes with backpacks and fashion glasses.
Black blazers, horizontal plaid t-shirts and torn jeans will be the next 3 items to create an elegant style. But equally modern for the new generation gentlemen.
If you do not like striped t-shirts, you can replace them with light gray t-shirts. Do not forget to add an accent with a handkerchief rubbing shiny silk material in the pocket of the vest.

Did You Know A Little History Of The White T-Shirts?

White T-shirt is a classic item that almost everyone has at least one in the closet, because of its simplicity, elegance, it is easy to coordinate with many styles of clothes, flexible in usage in many situations. Don’t worry about outdated fashion.

It can be said that the white T-shirt is “the child of everyone” because it can be worn by men and women. With a length of up to 114 years, it contributes significantly to the construction of fashion styles from simple to sophisticated for both men and women. One of the basic items is a plain white T-shirt.

Starting from men’s wear and military use. Originated as the unibody union suits in the 20th century, but then improved to split into two pieces to make it easier to wear. . Before mass production appeared, owning a design to wear in (like a Henley shirt) was truly valuable. The Cooper Underwear Co brand quickly realized the inconvenience of men at that time was that they could not fix their own letters, so they designed the shirt with fewer moving parts so that they could easily fix it themselves when not married or single. Then the crew necks and long-sleeve t-shirts, also known as T-shirts, became famous when they appeared in the 1920 novel by American writer Scott Fitzgerald, This side of paradise. (This Side of Paradise).

Initially, with strict rules, the T-shirt was only worn in hot weather or in a steam room, followed by the approval of the commander. Until the end of World War II, wearing a white T-shirt begins to feel comfortable. The role of the white T-shirt was clearly demonstrated in the years of World War II, especially in everyday activities when it can be worn outside and can also be worn as an inner bra. The versatility of the white T-shirt won the hearts of the US Navy because it was easy to remove stains and was convenient for physical activity and military play.

The child of all families ”regardless of male and female
Although starting out as a design for men, it gradually becomes the basic outfit of both sexes. Actor Jane Birkin or singer Francoise Hardy are the images that transformed the white T-shirt with a Bohemian style. The white t-shirt is a staple for elegant French girls.

Considered a product of fast fashion that can be mass produced and easy to find, the white T-shirt was upgraded when combined with an outer tweed shirt by designer Karl Lagerfeld in 1991. Kanye West also brings hip hop style to APC’s design Victoria Beckham. This shows that white t-shirts can be combined with many different styles: white T-shirts with message printing, combined with blazers, combined with floral dresses …

White T-shirts are designed in a variety of designs
Short-sleeved t-shirts, especially traditional plain designs, are not difficult to find. Many brands offer sophisticated classical designs at a high cost thanks to quality fabrics and sewing techniques.

Each fashion item will have a history behind it, and so will the white t-shirt. If you find it interesting and useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!