Top T-Shirt Design Trends For 2021

To tell you about my t-shirt trends 2021. Predictions. Now these are just my predictions… My first prediction is healthcare. I. Think healthcare t-shirts are going. To do really well in 2021. These are some. Ideas here for nurses and doctors and any. Healthcare workers really. I think we’ll. Still continue to do t-shirts for that. Number two gaming. Gaming I think is going to. Be on the rise with more people staying home. And it’s just so popular I believe some of these. Gaming t-shirts will continue to do well in 2021… Number three. I think statements will still.
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Do well with people staying home and looking. At memes and things like that. We’ll still. Get these statement t-shirts, like these.. So continue to look for these. Statements as you design in 2021… Number four outdoors. I think more and more people. Will be outdoors and camping and hiking and those. Kind of things will still be very popular in 2021.. So when you’re creating designs make sure to. Put outdoor designs on the top of the list… Travel and geography. Same thing I think. As more. And more people get vaccinated we’re going to see. An uptick in travel and geography and those. Are going to be popular t-shirts in 2021… Groupings. I’ve noticed this trend. In 2020 and I think it’s going to be. Popular in 2021 as well. Look for. T-shirts with groupings of things. Like books and flowers and sharks. And sushi and different things… So vintage sunset 2.0 vintage sunset has been. Really popular in 2020.I think it’s gonna take. On a new spin I’m calling it vintage sunset 2.0.. You can see how these already have changed vintage. Sunset a little bit. Either the shape or the. Style or different things within the vintage. Sunset that makes it just a little bit more. Than the vintage sunset that we had in 2020… Number eight is 90s themes.. 90s themes have been popular. In 2020 I think it will continue in. 2021. Look for these kinds of colors. You know the brighter colors and. The things that happened in 1990… Number nine, designs in circles. So this is kind. Of a design thing that’s gonna happen. I think. I’ve been seeing this become popular in 2020.. Look for just designs within circles. Here are. Some ideas that i found already today. I think. This is going to be a trend in 2021 as well… And lastly number 10. I think Asian inspired. Designs are going to do really well in 2021.. As k-pop and other Asian influences are on the. Rise I believe we’re going to see a rise in other. Asian designs as well. Here are some. Examples. Think of anime. Think of just. These kinds of nice designs. It’s really cool. Graphic designed with an Asian twist on it… So those are my top 10 picks for 2021. The. Trends I think are going to be happening.. Here’s the whole list you can take a screenshot. And save it and see if i’m right next year at. This time and let me know in the comments. What you think are the trends for 2021.. And as always guys keep creating and keep. Learning i’ll see you on the next one…

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