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Design come up and this. Is literally what’s going to be on. The shirt make sure you hit mirror make. Sure you hit okay. Now next step you’re going to go to is. Continue make sure you take. Your sticky paper oh pro tip. If your sticky paper gets dirty just. Take some uh some soap and some water. Like this detergent soap. Scrub that baby down don’t worry about. It because after you scrub it down it’s. Gonna get sticky again. SALE OFF Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt That’s another pro tip y’all can have. That make sure you guys hit that like. And subscribe. For that now let’s get on with. This now people get this mixed up you. Want to make sure you put the shiny side. Down. Flat first shiny side down. Open up your cricut maker once you hit.
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The sports flex iron on the next step is. To make sure you have. Loaded your paper that is with the. Blinking arrow that you’re going to see. Make sure you press that that’s going to. Load the paper. Into the machine it’ll actually for the. Fine point you choose the. Fine point blade after fine point is. Done you make sure you hit your c. C is going to start the print and. Prepare your design. All right you want to make sure the. Paper goes in flush the design is. Working. All right i’m gonna not even go fast. Forward to show you this i’ll show you. At the end. So let’s let this work hit that like and. Subscribe button and then. Let’s get back to it guys once your. Design is actually finished. It’s going to look like this you’re. Going to make sure you put those arrow. Arrows going to push the design. Out and now you’re going to have. Something that looks like this. Now that you guys have actually cut out. And peeled off the. Excess stuff that you’re not going to. Use you should see your designs going to. Look. Like this next step what you’re going to. Do is grab your. Shirt all right but also make sure you. Use. Parchment paper because you have to.
Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt
Place this on top. Of your design now we got to get our. Shirt nice and hot. So the first thing you’re going to want. To do is take your shirt. Place it on the heat press. Just to get it nice and hot so we’re. Going to place this over and we’re going. To let this thing go. Press it on for about 11 seconds you. Have to do this before you start just to. Get your shirt. Uh nice and hot now if you’re wondering. What type of degrees that i have on here. I basically have mine at 250 i’d rather. Cool it over time than not have it. Cooled at. All so once you go ahead and have your. Shirt nice and hot. Make sure that you will have your design. Ready and because you want the shiny. Side up this time. We’re going to go ahead and place that. Shiny side up. Now a question that a lot of people also. Are asking me is. How and where do you place your shirt it. Is your design so you do exactly what. You want to do. But the general rule is four fingers. From the neck. You can see where your shirt is going to. Where it’s going to be and four. Inches or four fingers from. The side of your shirt so we have the. Side of our shirt we have it there. And then we’re gonna go ahead and place. Our parchment paper. On top and then with our parchment paper. On top. We’re going to have that hold for 11. Seconds. And then we’re going to take it off and. Then remove. Our parchment paper and then we’re going. To go ahead and do something called. Curing which you’re going to do another. 11 seconds without the parchment paper. And then your design is done. I’ll show you all right guys after you. Got that done. Release it parchment paper. Comes off see what your design looks. Like. And now what we’re going to do is go. Ahead and make sure. We take this design. Off. Nice and slowly and careful this is. Something that. You’re going to want to make sure that. You don’t like rush the situation. All right really want to take your time. Taking this thing off because. If anything is still stuck to the design. You’re going to want to put this film. Back. On and go ahead and do it again. By the way man i’ll tell you black and. White and. Red solid colored designs. They’re going to look really really good. When you guys go ahead and make these. Designs. Now the next part of this what we’re.
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Going to do is call it. Just like that if you see that right. There. That is the definition of when your. Shirt. Does not get the top and that’s because. I didn’t have the top of that correctly. On. So if that happens don’t worry no need. To fret. Just make sure you don’t mess it up you. Lay it down flat. Place your plastic back over. Hold it for another little 11 seconds. Let that go for. 11 seconds right there. Boom everything should be good as new. See boom look at that that’s fresh we’ll. Let the shirt. Cool down for about. Another little 12 seconds now this is. The. Most important step called curing is. What you heat the shirt. Up without. Make sure you don’t have no wrinkles in. It. A good way to do that is to make sure. The bottom. Is laid flat first. And then you can take your top. And just nice and gently make sure.

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