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What’s up everybody. Who’s whisking the six i’m rob it’s. National tequila day. So we figured a big day we get together. We reading this post because this is one of. The guys that’s introduced me to many of. Tequila It’s Cool I’ve Had Both My Shots Shirt that i’ve come to know and. Love. Um anthony want to introduce yourself. How’s it going guys i’m anthony. I’m uh my tequila guy my tequila. Specialist i’d like to call him. Uh he knows he’s forgotten more about. Tequila than i’ll ever remember in my. Life but. For today um i thought it would be great. To have anthony by me.
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Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots Shirt
To taste some of these uh he’s allowed. Me to try a bunch of them. We we’re familiar with all these yeah. Absolutely uh we’re gonna go. With the blancos so for those of you. That are not familiar blancos are. Unaged they’re white tequila or clear. Tequila. Much like with whiskey the natural. Distillate that comes from the. Distillation process before it’s thrown. In a barrel. Then you go to the reposados which are. Aged. A couple months in a barrel just to get. A little bit of color to that liquid and. Get a little bit of barrel influence the. Anejos. Are older than a year and then there’s. The ultra. Nejo over here at the end which is. Called the grand mayan so. We’re going to start over here with the. Alacran i. Pronounce that correctly that’s good. These are all 40. Abv all right so ant let’s pick up this. Glass and give it a shot cheers. Okay so when i’m tasting tequila i. Judge Tequila It’s Cool I’ve Had Both My Shots based on the bubble. Gum taste. That agave 100 of agave i get a big.
Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots T ShirtBubble gum burst on the nose. Usually and it’s here it’s present. On this one as well. I’m gonna go in for a sit. I find tequila is one of those with um. Spirits that you can have. Outside and it won’t really affect it in. A negative way. Finally it’s like almost made for. Outdoors outdoor stuff. Absolutely i mean there’s a lot of. Misconception about tequila’s that. People think oh you know stay away from. It it’s no good oh you know a lot of. Stories about Tequila It’s Cool I’ve Had Both My Shots. Don’t have it without a little bit of. Lime and salt there’s all kinds of but i. Mean you really want the. The true taste of the tea i i don’t. Recommend lime salt and all the. You know the things you see in the. Movies and stuff like that just i mean. Take it for what it is and. And have a go at it that’s it um i think. That’s good stuff. It is it for i mean for a blanco i mean. There’s. Absolutely nothing wrong with it you you. The flavor lasts you can taste in the. Back of the throat yeah it stays on the. Tongue nicely. Doesn’t give you that harsh you know. Exactly absolutely. Yeah and that’s a great point actually. It doesn’t burn at all i don’t find any. Burn whatsoever. Between 50 and 70 bucks somewhere there. It depends on where you are in north. America depends on where you are. In the world but at the lcbo this one’s. I think about 60 bucks i’ll put the. Price up here. And this way you guys can know whether. Or not you should grab it but. I’m going to give this one an 82. I. Think it’s pretty good. 82 is fair i think 82 is fair i mean um. Like i said the flavor lasts on the. Tongue it doesn’t give you that harsh. Burn. You know going down i mean me i love. The look of the bottle that black matte. Finish looks great on a bar. Great presentation for sure fantastic. Looking bottom right yeah. I mean 82 yeah that’s fair that’s fair. Let’s move on to. This beautiful looking bottle beautiful. Bottle honestly when this. Was sitting on shelves i really wanted. To get it i had no idea what it was. About it’s a gorgeous look it’s a. Beautiful bottle that’s one thing about. Tequila is they always have some. Excellent looking bottles. Uh la co freddia like. La cofidia. All the mexicans are rolling over oh. Buddy for sure. So this one’s a reposado which means. It’s been aged for a few months in a. Barrel. Let’s give it a shot cheers. Okay so this one has a little bit more. Going on on the nose there’s like. Almost like a smoke and it’s not a it’s. Not uh classified as a mezcal right no. It’s a Tequila It’s Cool I’ve Had Both My Shots Shirt but i mean it could very. Well pass for a mezcal. Yeah so mezcal is just smoked uh tequila. I guess the. The agave is smoked before it’s. Distilled or. One of those things there’s no mezcal. Here today it’s national tequila day so. We’re just doing tequila’s uh this one. Kind of smells like a mezcal. It has it could actually i mean very. Well passed for. A mescal yeah. Oh yeah a little sweeter there is that. Smoky note to it too 100. It’s like a smoky bubble gum is what i’m. Getting here i actually don’t mind this. I. I remember when we tried this together. You weren’t the biggest fan of it. But i’m i’m liking the the contrast i. Think that’s because i’m a big. Heated whiskey fan so i was gonna say. That could yeah absolutely uh relate. Yeah absolutely yeah so this if you’re a. Peanut whiskey fan you’re venturing into. Tequila’s. This is one that you want to look out. For and i think our marks might be. Different. But i’m going to give this one an 85 i. Actually really like that and for 70. Dollars no 90 dollars yeah. It’s just under 100 yeah 90 at the lcbo. The beautiful presentation all these. Bottles are going to want to stick. Around even after you finish. 100 that’s a that’s a keeper yeah that’s. A keeper yeah beautiful bottle i’m going. To give this one an 85.. I mean 85 for me is a little bit high. But uh i’m going to go between. I’d say 70 75 range as far as taste. It’s for me it leans more to a mezcal um. Which i’m not a really big fan of them i.
Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots HoodieDon’t really like the smoky flavors. But again the bottle is is everything i. Mean i would keep that on my bar. For forever and even if i never drank. The tequila i didn’t even care. What that tequila tasted like i saw the. Bottle and i was immediately drawn to it. Absolutely so i mean for a presentation. In bottle i give it a hundred. All right so i will put the scores as we. Go along at the bottom so you guys can. Refer to those as well. Now we did a little switcheroo here uh. Right now i have the. Tierra noble um in position. For third but we’re actually going to go. To the class azul and that’s because. This one is. Uh reposado the class azure whereas the. Tiara noble is an anejo. I just figured the way it looked. Presentation wise. Was better with the classical in the. Middle so we’re gonna go to the. Classroom which is the fourth one in. The fourth one. Yeah so we gotta cut that one yeah. Okay so this was probably the tequila. That pulled me. To the dark side i love this tequila i i. Think it’s. Phenomenal tequila a lot of people have. Negative things to say because they. Don’t. Love the distillation process with this. And some of the tricks that the company. Pulls. But for i guess a guy that’s not uh. Tequila homer. Right i’m okay with whatever they did to. Us as long as they’re using. Agave which they are yup and. I can’t believe the sweetness and. Incredible bubble gum nose that you get. On this one. Yeah definitely the sweetest tequila. That i’ve experienced so far maybe the. Don julio. 19 what is it the 42 yeah is they’re. Side by side they’re very close but man. How sweet that is i love it. I think it’s phenomenal stuff i’m gonna. Give that one i believe i gave it a 90. Originally i’m going to stick with my 90. Mark. Fantastic stuff and like like you you’re. Mentioning even if they did. Put anything you don’t enjoy any. Additives anything like that. It’s a fantastic tequila the flavors. That jump out on your tongue is it’s. Unreal and i mean. Again present-day bottle-wise right the. Nicest bottle on the market. I think so and i mean their whole line. If you go through their whole line uh. They’re just beautiful they’re all. Handmade you know painted and everything. Like that. Ceramic bottle it’s it’s a beautiful. Bottle i mean you can take it. Use it for i don’t know about flowers. And whatever yeah i’ve seen people turn. Them into lamps 100. I mean my my favorite little uh trick. After it’s done. You give that thing a little ring and.
Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots SweaterYou got a bell right here good party. Trick. It’s true awesome stuff honestly uh. Highly recommended. Um it’s expensive here it’s 240 bucks. You can get it for at least a hundred. Dollars less. Uh in some places in the world so keep. An eye out for price. But definitely very solid stuff moving. On to. The first a nail of the bunch meaning. That it’s been aged for over a year. In um some oak cask. Sometimes yeah this one’s french oak and. American oak okay it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes they use cherry wood sometimes. They use a whole bunch of different. Things so. Over here with the tierra no no. No black noble oh wow. This one smells like a whiskey big time. Lots of oak on the nose here a ton of. Oak on the nose for this one. Honestly if you close your eyes and sip. This one knows this one you’re. You think you’re drinking and you think. You’re drinking whiskey. Even on the palate lots of oak it’s it. Tastes like whiskey. It tastes like whiskey it smells like. Whiskey it’s crazy how that happens.
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