Moteefe – Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized Shirt

Hello you beautiful people and welcome. To these groups this is where the studio. House meets and outside venue place so. Hey welcome today i’m going to be trying. On all of my crocks i have quite a few. Pairs i’m actually gonna start out with. This pair that i have on right now. They’re a sandal type of crocs and i’m. Also gonna be making a time-lapse video.
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Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized Shirt
Of all not video but a bunch of stills. Of the work behind me so oh no you won’t. Let me take pictures while we’re taking. Video are you kidding me come on what’s. Wrong with you stupid camera. Dammit i want my old camera back. Ah okay well this is gonna be a million. Times more annoying than i thought it. Was gonna be so sorry about that. Apparently for this camera it’s so new. And fancy that it can’t take photos and. Videos at the same time. Sigh alright well let’s start down here. With these back in black action crocs. They’re just your super basic original. Style crocs with the band that goes back. On your clubs like this but like this.
Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized Shirt, T Shirt And Hoodie

Yeah these are some shoots well i’m sure. Gonna be getting my exercising today. Folks okay here are some fancy crops. These actually require a little bit more. Time effort energy on my part hi my hair. Is i’ve been doing a lot of stuff today. It’s been one of those days. Oh these crocs have a fun fancy these. Are like your most dressed up crocs. You’re ever gonna get from me probably. Close as i get to heels. I don’t know croc should make high heels. They do make these like platform wedges.
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Which i think are pretty pretty fun they. Do. Well okay so this is this is my favorite. Fun fact because you know there’s these. Buckles and they’re a big pain in the. Behind so instead they just have you. Slides and then to this front part and. Then you put the back in also sorry for. Like the outside part and then you have. These magical little i am a shoe yeah. She was snap to find out how to take. Them off this might be slightly more. Teechip – Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized Shirt Difficult i can do this standing up i. Got this guy’s i don’t know this this. Part where i’m gonna fall over i mean i. Could stand to make another falling. Video again it’s been a while i wasn’t. Ready to have my whole shoe rack put. Together by the time we got done with.

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